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Dennis Batchelder's novel
is a pack of lies

Soul Identity
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By becoming a charter member of the new order of Soul Identity:

  • Level 3 and up soul lines are automatic leaders in the new order of Soul Identity

  • Using our proven methods, you can even choose who your parents, siblings, and spouse will be in your next life.

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  • find the peace you've been searching for

  • don't let the evil ones medicate you with half truths

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You may find it easy to put off this difficult decision. You may be saying "cras credemus, hodie nihil" (tomorrow we believe, but not today). But that is a trap, my friend. Be careful, and don't take too long to decide, for soon it will be too late.


personal testimony

I now realize that I was enslaved by Soul Identity. They fed me scraps when I needed a feast. Once I learned the truth, I was able to throw off the chains that bound me.

-- Robert Osbourne, Soul Identity deliveryperson


the new order, and what it's all about

Why should you become a charter member of the new order of Soul Identity?

  1. The new order will right the wrongs brought on by the leadership at Soul Identity

  2. The new order will leave us with an organization where only deserving members are rewarded.