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Dennis Batchelder's novel
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Warning: DO NOT read
Dennis Batchelder's novel, Soul Identity

This book is nothing but a pack of lies. Its libelous text would have
you believe that WorldWideSouls is an evil organization whose only
goal is to destroy Soul Identity.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are a peaceful
organization who just wants to ensure that each person gets what they
deserve. Nothing more, and nothing less.

If somebody brings up the subject of the book, here are some talking
points for you to use against it:

  1. The book claims WorldWideSouls used intimidation against Madame
    Flora's palm reading establishment. In fact, Madame Flora approached
    us with an offer to sell her business.

  2. The book claims most WorldWideSouls members quit after Andre
    Feret's speech in Venice. In fact, less than three quarters of our
    membership deserted.

  3. The book claims Arthur Berringer returned to the WorldWideSouls
    members all the money they claim Andre Feret stole. In fact, our
    attempts to receive true depositary statements on behalf of our
    remaining members have been rebuffed. We believe Soul Identity robbed
    our depositary accounts and blamed us.

  4. The book implies Andre Feret was killed. In fact, Soul Identity has
    been unable to prove his death. We believe Soul Identity is holding
    our leader hostage, and is torturing him to learn our secrets.

We have publicly called for the following changes in Soul Identity's
leadership. Specifically:

  1. remove Archibald Morgan as an overseer
  2. remove the imposter overseer, Arthur Berringer
  3. free Andre Feret and restore him as the one true overseer
  4. terminate the membership of Valentina Nikolskaya and Scott Waverly

And remember, DO NOT read Dennis Batchelder's novel, Soul Identity.


personal testimony

I now realize that I was enslaved by Soul Identity. They fed me scraps when I needed a feast. Once I learned the truth, I was able to throw off the chains that bound me.

-- Robert Osbourne, Soul Identity deliveryperson


the new order, and what it's all about

Why should you become a charter member of the new order of Soul Identity?

  1. The new order will right the wrongs brought on by the leadership at Soul Identity

  2. The new order will leave us with an organization where only deserving members are rewarded.