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Dennis Batchelder's novel
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The Truths You Need

Truth one:

You have a very special soul. You are alive today
because this is either your first life, or because you accepted the
truths in each of your past lives.

Truth two:

Your duty is to learn and accept the truths. There is no
other way.

Truth three:

If you do accept the truths, you will be reborn,
refined, and rewarded in your next life.

Truth four:

Your purpose in this life is two-fold: to
bring the message of the truths to others, and to help your leaders weed
out the unbelievers.

Truth five:

Your soul's destiny is in your control. The truths give
you the power to direct the outcome of your future lives.



personal testimony

I now realize that I was enslaved by Soul Identity. They fed me scraps when I needed a feast. Once I learned the truth, I was able to throw off the chains that bound me.

-- Robert Osbourne, Soul Identity deliveryperson


the new order, and what it's all about

Why should you become a charter member of the new order of Soul Identity?

  1. The new order will right the wrongs brought on by the leadership at Soul Identity

  2. The new order will leave us with an organization where only deserving members are rewarded.